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How to Make FREE Unlimited AI Yearbook Photos of Anyone

If you're on social media, then you've likely seen this new AI trend of generating a yearbook photo of yourself. But the problem is, everyone's using an app that costs money, and you might be wondering, " Can I do this for free?" And that's exactly what I'm going to be showing you today.  



Before we hop into stable diffusion, we need to get a few prerequisites because we're using Roop. So first, go ahead and download Visual Studio Community


Once that has been downloaded, go ahead and open it, and then you're going to be presented with a list of things that you can tick on or off. So, you're going to want to select the Python development, the desktop development with C++, and then the Visual Studio extension development. 

Go ahead and hit install. And when that's done, open up a command prompt terminal and then type in this command. pip install insightface==0.7.3


Installing Roop

Open up stable diffusion and then head over to Extensions and then hit the Available tab and search for roop.


There should only be one option, so just go ahead and install that one. Now, once it's done, go ahead and go back to the Installed tab and hit check for updates, and then apply and restart UI. And then once that is all done, you should see that you have Roop.

Installing LoRa

But, in the case of this yearbook, we're going to use a yearbook lora. Download it here. And once that's installed, just go ahead and drag it into your models/Lora folder. And then when you refresh your Loras, it should show up there.

Simon Cowell

To use this, expand Roop, and then you need to put a reference image. Now you can use any image, but I would recommend trying to find one where the face is relatively unobscured. So, for the sake of this test, I'm going to use Simon Cowell here,


Make sure you click enable because that's going to turn this on. Other than that, you can pretty much leave the settings alone or put in your settings of choice. Next, paste this into your prompt. <lora:school_yearbook_photos:1>


This is essentially telling this to reference the Yearbook lora. From there, fill in your prompt with other details describing the image you want. So, the more detail you give it, the better the outcome usually is. 

This is the image that we got.


If you want to customize what he's wearing, the background color, and the hairstyle, you have to emphasize that in the prompt.

Wrapping up:

This was just a quick little tutorial on how to do the trendy trend of the yearbook. Now I am curious, are you going to be using this to make yourself a new yearbook photo, or do you plan to turn celebrities back in time to their yearbook photo days? Check out our full video tutorial on Youtube!

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