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Best AI Tools for Architects

In the world of architecture, technology has become an integral part of the design process. One of the most exciting technological advancements is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, revolutionizing the way architects design buildings, streamline workflows, and create more sustainable and efficient structures. In this blog, we will explore some of the best AI tools for architects that are available today. In no particular order:



ReRoom is an AI-powered tool that allows users to transform their living spaces with the help of AI-generated dream rooms. By simply taking a picture of their room and selecting a design theme from a range of 20+ styles, users can reimagine their space with style and ease.


The AI Floor Plan Design tool, CamPlan provides the fastest way to create modern floor plans!

Discover the future of interior design with this revolutionary app that combines the power of user-friendly design and AI assistance to create stunning, modern floor plans in a matter of minutes.

With just your iPhone or iPad, CamPlan lets you create floor plans in two interactive formats:

• 2D: Customize a sleek 2D plan with movable, rotatable furniture pieces.

• 3D: Visualize your space with a detailed 3D model.

CamPlan also features an AI Interior Design Assistant to help you perfect your space:

• Ask for expert advice on layout, color schemes, lighting, textures, materials, and more with our easy-to-use chat interface.

• Tailor your design to your personal taste, with recommendations based on your current and desired home styles, furniture data, wall layout, and window composition.


Generative Design for Architectural Planning. Revolutionizing design with generative AI, Maket empowers architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers to generate floorplans, navigate zoning codes, and explore limitless styles

Unleash your creative potential with a suite of tools that facilitate automated floorplan generation, style exploration, and customization of design elements. Make confident and educated design choices with the help of a virtual assistant that provides expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities.


REimagine your home with AI-powered interior design and virtual staging. Generate personalized design concepts and inspiration to redesign your home. Redesign any space to match your vision, or let our AI show you inspiring designs in seconds.

Our AI redesigns any space through evaluating architectural elements, detecting room type, understanding preferred design styles and adhering to your color preferences & text instructions. AI re-designs furnished spaces by automatically considering all architectural elements, such as doors and walls, as well as furniture pieces, ranging from beds to paintings.

Plus, AI automatically re-designs exterior spaces and patios, taking into account architectural elements such as lawns, backyards, pools and outdoor furniture/appliances – from benches to barbeque setups.


ARCHITEChTURES is an AI-Powered building design web tool for the residential sector to help you improve decision making and reduce design time from months to minutes.

ARCHITEChTURES enables a new disruptive residential design process in a perfect combination between human and machine. Using our Machine Learning based technology, currently international patent pending, we train algorithms with Big Data so that according to the geometry and parameters introduced by the user, the solution that best suits his requirements is obtained in real time and for each iteration. That enables the designer to have a total control over the quantitative aspects of the design in order to focus on decision making and improve his added value.

Dreamhouse AI

Make interior designs of your room using our AI tool on Dreamhouse AI. Upload a photo of your room and Dreamhouse AI will automatically generate interior designs from the photo of your room.

Visualize design ideas and communicate various designs effectively to your clients. Streamline your workflow and save time with Dreamhouse AI.

AI has become an essential tool for architects to create innovative and sustainable structures. Have you tried out any of these AI tools for architecture? Let us know your feedback at and discover many more AI tools for whatever your needs!

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