Best AI Tools for UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are critical components of creating digital products that are intuitive, engaging, and delightful for users. Here are some of the best AI tools for UI/UX design.


Pineapple Builder

The AI website builder for businesses simplifies the website building process for busy business owners. It features AI-powered tools that allow users to create a customized website with just one click.


Uncody is a landing page builder with an easy-to-use interface that enables users to quickly build and publish landing pages. The platform offers a wide variety of pre-built UI components that have been tested for conversion, ensuring users can design their website quickly with components for every need.


Idea to design in an instant, powered by AI. Galileo AI creates delightful, editable UI designs from a simple text description. It empowers you to design faster than ever.


Build stunning websites in 30 seconds including copy & even images powered by AI.


Visily is the easiest and most powerful wireframe software that enables teams, regardless of size and skills, to create app wireframes.

Magician for Figma

A magical design tool for Figma powered by AI. Design with the power of AI to do everything from copywriting to generating unique icons from text.


Easily create important sub-pages of your business website using AI powered content and image generation. Generate blogs, changelogs, help articles, policy pages, faqs, sitemap and more all with the help of our AI engine.


DALL-E Bro is a plugin for Figma and FigJam that allows designers and other team members to generate images from text using the OpenAI DALL-E 2 algorithm.

By leveraging AI, designers can streamline their workflows, can create designs more efficiently

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