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MidJourney Prompt Tool

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Easily create complex Midjourney prompts.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh

You are drawing a venn diagram that represent a colorful concept map based on the following information 1. Central Concept: Education in the 21st Century 2. Primary Nodes: three shapes Theoretical Principles of Learning" in the first shape (you might color this one yellow), Challenges of Future-oriented Teaching and Learning" in the second shape (color it green), and Significance of Didactic Concept" in the third shape (color this one red). 3. Arrows and Labels: arrows from the central concept to each primary node and label the arrows according to their relationships. 4. Secondary Nodes: add more shapes beneath each primary node for the sub-topics or specific concepts 5. Additional Connection: draw arrows between the secondary nodes to show their relationships.





zakaria abdo

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