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ChatGPT's Powerful Plugin Update, Best Plugins and How to Use Them

OpenAI Unleashes ChatGPT Plugins: Real-World Interaction at Your Fingertips

OpenAI has just dropped a bombshell with the release of ChatGPT plugins, giving this AI language model the power to interact with the real world like never before. You can now browse the web, interpret code, and automate tasks with ease, all thanks to the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT plugins. Let's dive into the extraordinary features that OpenAI has introduced.


Empowering ChatGPT with Real-World Skills: ChatGPT Plugin Store

ChatGPT has evolved to become more than just an answer generator. With its latest web browser plugin, ChatGPT gains the remarkable ability to browse the internet in real time, opening up a world of endless possibilities. This groundbreaking advancement eradicates the limitations of previous models and tackles the infamous "hallucination problem" head-on. Prepare to experience a whole new level of accuracy and reliability in your responses.

Another remarkable feature of ChatGPT's plugin system is its ability to select the most appropriate plugin based on the user's query. This intelligent feature ensures that you get the most relevant and useful information for your specific needs. Whether it's finding flight options, planning and ordering groceries, extracting insights from URLs, or automating tasks, ChatGPT's plugin system has got you covered.

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 10.03.45 AM.png

How to Install a ChatGPT Plugin

  • Make sure you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, as plugins are only available to premium subscribers.
  • Open ChatGPT and click on the Settings option in the bottom left corner.
  • In the Settings menu, select Beta Features.
  • Toggle the Plugins setting to enable it.
  • Start a new chat session.
  • Change the ChatGPT model to GPT-4.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose Plugins and then select Plugin Store.
  • Browse the available ChatGPT Plugins and select the one you want to install.
  • The installation process should be quick. To uninstall a plugin, simply select it again.

By following these steps, you can easily install ChatGPT Plugins and enhance your ChatGPT experience. Remember to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access to these features.

Exploring the Best ChatGPT Plugins

Link Reader 

The Link Reader plugin is designed to extract key information from URLs, including web pages and PDF files. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly uncover valuable insights hidden within web pages. Whether you need product details, news summaries, or data extraction, Link Reader has got you covered. It's a time-saving solution that empowers you to make informed decisions and streamlines your research. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Link Reader and unlock the power of URL analysis. 


How to use Link Reader

  • Enable the Link Reader Plugin:
  • Install the Link Reader Plugin from the Plugin Store.
  • Open ChatGPT and start a new chat session.
  • Select the GPT-4 model.
  • Enter the Link:
  • Direct your Queries:
  • ChatGPT, powered by the Link Reader Plugin, will read and analyze the provided link.
  • By following these steps and providing clear instructions or questions, you can effectively utilize the Link Reader Plugin in ChatGPT to extract information from a given link and receive relevant responses.

    Prompt Perfect

    Next up, we have the game-changing Prompt Perfect ChatGPT Plugin. By adding "perfect" before your prompt, this plugin unleashes its magic, enhancing your prompts and taking your interactions with the GPT language model to a whole new level. No more struggling to find the right words or wondering if your prompt will yield the desired results.


    Introducing Zapier's ChatGPT plugin, a powerful tool that enhances ChatGPT's integration capabilities with over 5,000 apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack. With this plugin, you can seamlessly connect and interact with these apps directly inside ChatGPT, automating tasks and boosting your productivity.


    How to Use the Zapier Plugin

    1. Install the Plugin:

      • Open ChatGPT and find the Plugin Store.

      • Install the Zapier ChatGPT Plugin.

    2. Connect Your Apps:

      • Choose from 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack.

      • Interact with them directly inside ChatGPT.

    3. Give Simple Commands:

      • Use natural language to ask ChatGPT to perform tasks.

      • Search, update, or write data in connected apps effortlessly.

    4. Automate and Streamline:

      • Simplify your work by automating tasks.

      • Send chat messages, compose emails, or manage databases with ease.

    5. Explore New Possibilities:

      • Experiment with different workflows and actions.

      • Customize your AI experience with endless combinations.

    To learn about more ways to use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin, check out this blog on the official Zapier website!


    Discover the Kayak plugin, your go-to tool for easy flight search and booking. With Kayak, you can explore countless travel options effortlessly. Find the best flights and score amazing deals with ease. Whether you need convenient routes or help organizing your travel plans, Kayak has everything covered. Get ready to travel smarter, faster, and more efficiently with Kayak. Let's make your travel dreams a reality.


    How to Use the KAYAK plugin

    ChatGPT's natural language understanding makes it even better. After installing the plugin, just ask for what you want, like a hotel near Central Park in New York City for 2 people with a budget of $2000, and ChatGPT will connect with Kayak to give you personalized recommendations that match your preferences.



    ChatGPT has now gained its "Wolfram Superpowers" with the integration of the Wolfram plugin. This powerful combination allows ChatGPT to access Wolfram|Alpha's data knowledgebase and Wolfram Language for computationally accurate answers. To enable this functionality, select and install the Wolfram plugin from the plugin store.

    How it works:


    Here are some examples that showcase the capabilities of ChatGPT with the Wolfram plugin




    Through this integration, ChatGPT and Wolfram|Alpha collaborate seamlessly, allowing ChatGPT to incorporate precise and curated knowledge, perform nontrivial computations, and deliver accurate results. While further improvements are expected, this integration marks a significant step towards ChatGPT's enhanced abilities in providing accurate information and computational insights.

    Ask Your PDF 

    Introducing the 'Ask Your PDF' ChatGPT Plugin: Talk to Your Documents

    The 'Ask Your PDF' ChatGPT plugin is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way you interact with PDF documents. By leveraging AI technology, this plugin transforms static PDFs into conversational partners, allowing you to extract information efficiently and effortlessly.

    Using the 'Ask Your PDF' Plugin:

    Locate the PDF document you want to interact with. Ensure that it is saved on your device or accessible through a URL.

    Interacting with the PDF

    Once the PDF document is ready for interaction, you can start asking questions or giving commands related to the content.

    Use natural language queries or commands to extract information from the PDF. For example:

    Benefits of the 'Ask Your PDF' plugin:

    1. Save Time: Imagine being able to ask specific questions directly to a PDF document instead of spending hours scrolling and searching for information. With 'Ask Your PDF,' you can extract the necessary details without the hassle.

    2. Enhanced Interactions: The plugin turns the content of the PDF into a knowledgeable conversational partner. You can engage in a conversation with the document and receive detailed responses based on the information within it.

    Use Cases

    With the 'Ask Your PDF' plugin, you can unlock the full potential of your PDF documents. Say goodbye to tedious searching and scrolling and say hello to a more efficient and conversational approach to extracting information.

    Video Insights 

    This incredible tool provides accurate and concise summaries of YouTube videos, making your video-watching experience a lot more efficient. Dive deep into the plugin's capabilities for video analysis and witness firsthand how Video Insights revolutionizes the way you consume videos. Prepare to be amazed as you explore compelling examples that showcase the effectiveness of this plugin. Get ready to streamline your video-watching experience with Video Insights.

    How to Use the Video Insights Plugin

    The Video Insights plugin enables ChatGPT to extract valuable information from YouTube videos, including transcripts, metadata, and content summaries. Here's how you can use it:

    1. Copy the URL: Find the YouTube video you want to analyze and copy its URL.

    2. Open ChatGPT: Access the ChatGPT interface or platform where the plugin is available.

    3. Find Video Insights: Look for the "Video Insights" option or command.

    4. Paste the URL: Paste the YouTube video URL into the chat window.

    5. Wait for Analysis: The plugin will process the video and extract information. It may take a few moments.

    6. Get Video Summary: ChatGPT will provide a concise summary of the video's content.

    7. Ask Questions: Feel free to ask specific questions about the video or discuss its details further.


    If you've ever found meal planning and grocery shopping to be a complex task, look no further. The Instacart Plugin for ChatGPT is here to simplify your meal planning experience and make your life easier. This plugin combines the natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT with Instacart's AI technology, allowing users to seamlessly shop for ingredients mentioned in food and recipe-related conversations.


    What does the Instacart ChatGPT plugin do?

    The Instacart ChatGPT plugin acts as an add-on to ChatGPT, leveraging Instacart's AI technology to enable users to shop for ingredients mentioned in their conversations. By answering questions like "What's a kid-friendly meal I can make with chicken and pasta?" or "How can I make an easy carrot cake?", ChatGPT can generate Instacart orders, adding all the necessary ingredients to the user's cart with just a few clicks. With access to Instacart's extensive catalog of over 1.5 million products from various retailers, users can transform meal planning inspiration into a reality.

    How to use the Instacart ChatGPT plugin:

    1. Look for the plugin logo: Once you’ve installed the plugin, you'll notice the Instacart carrot logo next to an "Enabled plugins" label at the top of your ChatGPT chat window. This indicates that you have access to the Instacart ChatGPT plugin.

    2. Start a conversation: Begin a conversation with ChatGPT by asking open-ended meal questions or specific queries related to recipes and ingredients. For example, you can ask, "What can I make for dinner?" or "What's an easy recipe for veggie stir-fry that I can make in less than 20 minutes?" You can also request inspiration for a particular type of food, such as "Give me a recipe for vegan lasagna."

    3. Receive suggestions: Based on your questions, ChatGPT will provide you with meal suggestions and recommendations. It will suggest recipes and help you discover the necessary ingredients for your chosen dishes.

    4. Add ingredients to your cart: Once you receive the suggestions, you can add all the necessary ingredients to your Instacart cart. This allows you to create a shopping list directly from the ChatGPT interface.

    5. Create an Instacart order: Proceed to create an Instacart order by clicking on the option provided in the ChatGPT interface. This will open a new browser window with your Instacart cart containing all the selected ingredients.

    6. Complete your order: Review the items in your Instacart cart and make any necessary modifications. Once you're satisfied, follow the instructions to complete your order. Instacart will handle the delivery, and you can expect to receive your groceries in as fast as an hour.


    For all the AI enthusiasts out there, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of ChatGPT plugins. These plugins offer incredible opportunities to expand your AI capabilities and explore new frontiers. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, streamline tasks, or unlock new creative possibilities, there's a ChatGPT plugin for you.

    So, don't hesitate to explore and make the most of ChatGPT plugins. They are designed to elevate your AI experience and open doors to new possibilities. Stay tuned to AI Search, tap into the available resources, and embark on a journey of discovery of AI tools.

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